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Crown Coaches has an ongoing commitment to safety and has developed a safety policy which outlines the safety aims, objectives and revision of safety within the organisation. This Bus Safety Policy documents Crown Coaches' commitment and approach to risk management, reinforcement of a positive safety culture, identification of emerging threats and critical review of mitigation steps applied to risks.

This Bus Safety Policy has been approved by the Accredited Operator and the Crown Coaches Management Committee.

Monthly management meetings and a yearly comprehensive review of risk management is performed. Consultation with relevant stakeholders is sought before policy is amended or introduced.

This Bus Safety Policy is a controlled document, requiring the signature of the Chairman on behalf of the Management Committee to take effect.

This Bus Safety Policy is displayed at various prominent locations around the organisation so it is available to staff, passengers and the public.


Crown Coaches is dedicated to operating in a way that ensures there is minimum risk of injury to workers, passengers and the general public. The Accredited Operator and Committee of Management is accountable for the safety of the organisation and shall encourage an environment in which all persons are considerate to risks and shall make certain that controls are in place to decrease risks so far as reasonably practicable.

Crown Coaches is committed to compliance with the requirements of the Bus Safety Act 2009 (Vic) and Bus Safety Regulations 2010 (Vic).

Crown Coaches will commit resources to facilitate the continuous enhancement of safety by the following means:

  • Recognising and evaluating safety risks;
  • So far as is reasonably practicable, take measures to mitigate or eliminate a risk;
  • Develop and maintain a Management Information System;
  • Develop and maintain a Maintenance Management System;
  • Develop and maintain relevant procedures for employees and in accordance with these systems, educate employees to safely follow and commit to using appropriate procedures in the workplace;
  • Management is responsible for the company’s ‘Coach Management System (CMS)’ (Management Information System and Maintenance Management System) and development of acceptable standards and procedures for employees;
  • Ensure that all employees are informed and trained satisfactorily to appropriate standards and procedures;
  • Ensure that employees comprehend the ‘Bus Safety Policy’;
  • Continuous examination and auditing of the ‘Bus Safety Policy’ and conformity with the company’s ‘Coach Management System (CMS)’ (Management Information System and Maintenance Management System).

A suggestion box is present at our main office and a feedback form is available on our website at www.crowncoaches.com.au for any input with regards to this Bus Safety Policy. Submissions can be anonymous or named as appropriate. All suggestions will be duly considered.

Crown Coaches is committed to reviewing this Bus Safety Policy and has specified key performance indicators as to its effectiveness by measuring and recording:

  • Reportable incidents including major accidents and injuries;
  • Non-reportable injuries;
  • Defect reports;
  • Customer complaints;
  • Complaints generated by the general public;
  • Comparison with previous safety records/statistics by year.


Victor Haoust   1st January 2014

Chairman, Crown Coaches Pty. Ltd. on behalf of the Committee of Management

Safe and reliable transport

Safe and reliable transport
Crown Coaches was one of the first bus and coach companies to offer a whole fleet of seat-belted vehicles in Australia.

Providing an uncompromising level of safety has always been the highest priority at Crown Coaches, giving schools through to corporate clients piece of mind when travelling by bus and coach.