Transportation For Disabled Melbourne

Crown Coaches offers one of Melbourne’s largest wheelchair accessible charter bus fleets. With the introduction of 23 new vehicles into our fleet, we are now able to provide our passengers with the highest levels of safety and comfort. We are especially excited to offer our students the latest model Mercedes-Benz 1228 coaches equipped with state of the art wheelchair capabilities. If your group is small, we can supply a minibus with a driver, or our coach charter service can accommodate larger groups. Please contact our friendly charter booking officers for further information on chartering a wheelchair accessible vehicle or other requests for transportation for disabled persons in Melbourne.

Elderly Transportation

Senior/elderly transportation services

We understand that the needs of our clients differ greatly. We know that taking students to a school camp is very different from providing transportation for senior citizens on an outing. That’s why we tailor our services to suit client requirements on an individual basis.

Crown Coaches services many community groups that require elderly transportation options, including Probus Clubs around Melbourne. There are over 400 Probus Clubs in Victoria comprised of retired or semi-retired people interested in a wide spectrum of social activities. Crown Coaches transports Probus Clubs for activities such as club tours, walking groups and group dinner transfers.

For further information, please give us a call or request a quotation via our Quick Quote online form.

Caring for those with special needs

As we specialise in providing services for senior citizens, sporting and social clubs, school groups and those of all abilities, it is vital that our drivers are sensitive to the varying needs of their passengers.

Crown Coaches drivers have extensive driving experience and pride themselves on their high standard of customer service. We believe you’ll find it hard to find another charter company who can offer the same level of quality service.

Our drivers can even provide commentary for your journey when requested in advance to keep passengers engaged and entertained. Charter tours are our main focus, so you can rest assured that we will do our very best to service your needs and provide a positive experience.

Transportation For Disabled

Partnering with the Department of Education

Crown Coaches has been proudly providing contracted services to the Department of Education for more than 35 years. We provide the daily transport requirements for over 700 children attending many of the Special Development Schools throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. These contracted services utilise vehicles with varying capacities from 21 to 57 seats, all operated by an experienced driver and disability carer. The 150 drivers and disability carers are the backbone of our organisation and their individual skills and commitment to safety and service are essential components of our success. Our education team are well versed in the needs of any accessible transport requirements.

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