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Crown Coaches has developed its own company-wide policies and programmes to protect and conserve Australia's environment.

Crown Coaches is an industry leader when it comes to the investigation, acquisition and deployment of the latest Environmental measures, recently  winning the Bus Industry Confederation National Environment and Innovation Awards 2009.

Crown Coaches operates out of our Nunawading depot and transports customers to destinations around Melbourne and Australia. We believe that sound environmental policies contribute to our overall competitive strength whilst benefitting our customers, our employees and the wider community.

Crown Coaches aims to minimise the effects of our business operations on the environment by pursuing, obtaining and implementing environmentally sustainable solutions.

Crown Coaches has and will continue to:

  • comply with all applicable legal and statutory environmental obligations;
  • investigate and promote the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations; 
  • prevent the pollution of the environment as a result of work practices and operations;
  • monitor, review and improve current environmental measures already implemented;
  • use materials and resources efficiently;
  • provide information regarding our environmental initiatives through our website;
  • give our employees resources to actively adopt our policy.

We ask our employees to strive for our environmental goals and ask them to:
  • Understand and comply with environmental policies and procedures;
  • Encourage a culture of environmental responsibility at work by reducing consumption of water and resources;
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle where possible;
  • Limit greenhouse gas emissions by intelligent use of electricity and an efficient driving style.

In addition to investing in hybrid and electric vehicles, several other environmental measures are taken:
  • Approximately 200,000 litres of water capacity captured from our roofing;
  • Captured water is utilised for bus washing, saving approximately 3000-5000 litres of water per day;
  • Bus wash water is recycled and that grey water is used for toilet flushing;
  • Engine oil, workshop rag and parts recycling;
  • Cardboard and paper recycling;
  • Paperless faxing;
  • LED and CFL lighting where possible;
  • Natural lighting utilised where possible with laserlight (opaque roofing) in the workshop and undercover parking, in addition to automated lighting;
  • We are the only company in Eastern Melbourne to have installed a permanent Adblue bowser and tank system. Adblue is a urea based compound used in our Euro 5 and hybrid vehicles to decrease exhaust nitrous oxide and particulate levels;
  • Crown Coaches takes part in Earth Hour every year and actively promotes environmental awareness via www.crowncoaches.com.au;
  • Purchase of electricity generated via renewable resources from AGL for the express purpose of running our computer/office systems.

Safe and reliable transport

Safe and reliable transport
Crown Coaches was one of the first bus and coach companies to offer a whole fleet of seat-belted vehicles in Australia.

Providing an uncompromising level of safety has always been the highest priority at Crown Coaches, giving schools through to corporate clients piece of mind when travelling by bus and coach.