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Crown repair service offers its customers a comprehensive maintenance and service program, tailored to meet every operational requirement. 

Our workshop facilities are available to other charter companies, church groups and schools. Staffed by professional mechanics, panel beaters, upholsterers and electrical technicians, the workshop facilities form part of the Crown repair "total service" approach to its customers.

Crown repair service schedules all client’s registered buses onto our minimum 90 day service program; this gives the owner ultimate peace of mind as Crown repair service takes over the responsibility of the vehicle’s maintenance program and thus ensures that your vehicle complies with TSV (Transport Safety Victoria’s) requirements.

The service is designed to conform to both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Regulatory requirements. 

Crown Repair attaches copies of each service for the vehicle owner detailing the inspection as well as identifying the technician responsible for the inspection. You will be notified of any defects requiring rectification and seek authorisation for the repairs to be actioned. Crown Repair will recommend preventative maintenance repairs to be actioned for your reference.

Why choose Crown repair service?

  • State of the art workshop and brake testing equipment;
  • Spare parts sourced from reputable suppliers with standard warranty;
  • Adequate notification prior to the due date for each scheduled service;
  • Crown repair service understands the bus and coach industry and will respond to your business needs;
  • Streamline your business costs and increase efficiency;
  • Expert advice is only a phone call away.


  Download the Crown Repair Flyer